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Aftermarket replacement parts for
Rock-O-Matic & Highline Rockpicker

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Q: My rockpicker still has the original 2 piece bogey wheels on the reel batts. Will the new style bogey wheel replace mine?
A: Absolutely! Our new, improved design is equipped with sealed ball bearings and when sold with the new spanner sleeve will replace any style wheel offering years of no trouble operation.

Q: Do you have parts for my worn out PTO drive line?
A: Yes, we have replacement parts for your PTO shaft as well as gearbox internal parts.

Q: Can I convert by manual drive rockpicker to hydraulic drive?
A: Yes! We have a hydraulic conversion kit available that replaces your PTO shaft and mechanical gearbox to give you the advantage of hydraulic fluid power.

Q: My long bucket dump cylinder shafts are slightly bent and now leak hydraulic oil. Can I fix them?
A: We have seal kits available for almost all of the different types of hydraulic cylinders (make, size and location on the machine are neccesary), but we also offer replacement cylinders for many applications.

Q: How about friction clutch facings for my reel drive or PTO shaft? Do you stock these?
A: Yes, we have all the friction clutch discs in store.

Q: Do you stock ALL the parts I need to rebuild my rockpicker?
A: No, but we stock MOST of them, and certianly all of the common parts that tend to break or wear out. We're only a phone call or e-mail away and ship to anywhere in Canada and the U.S.