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Aftermarket replacement parts for
Rock-O-Matic & Highline Rockpicker

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bogey wheels
Bogey Wheels
In recent years we have imporoved the conventional bogey wheel. The wheels are now a one piece cast wheel with the rubber molded directly to the wheel. the roller bearings have been replaced with sealed ball bearings for longer life. They are made in Canada.
hydraulic conversion kit
Drive Shafts
Both standard and metric drive shafts are available.
Hydraulic Conversion Kit
Convert your machine from PTO drive to hydraulic with our hydraulic conversion kit replaces the gearbox and fits directly on to the mounting plate and bolts into the existing holes.
reel springs, shocks,  clutch facings

Reel Springs
Reel Springs are manufactured in Saskatchewan of high quality steel for less breakage.
We provide heavy duty shocks for reel batts. Rubber shock mount kits are available seperately.
Clutch Facings
All clutch facings are made in Canada of excellent wear resistant material.

tynes, gearbox parts, drive shafts
Bolt or weld on tynes are available for Rock-O-Matic rockpickers.
Gearbox Parts
The gearbox components are available individually at a significant price reduction over the complete gearbox.
Other Parts
Most of the other parts on the rockpickers, including hydraulic cylinder kits are available. Please contact us to verify availability.
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